Learn how to become a participant in Tecnoesis 2022!

Tecnoesis 2022 is finally happening, and there are a lot of contests for you to join! Each of these will test your knowledge and passion for robotics. Participate today and get the chance to flaunt your skills to win the grand cash prizes. If you want to learn more about how you can become a participant, this article will tell you everything you have to know.

  1. Register online at the Tecnoesis website

The easiest way for you to become a participant is to register at the Tecnoesis website. As soon as you visit the link, you will find a big banner that is all about becoming a Tecnoesis participant. Make sure to click this because it will take you to a new page containing all the reminders and requirements you need to present.

The requirements you will need are the following:

  • 1 valid identification card
  • A photo of yourself to be attached to your event ID
  • Payment for participation

Once you have everything, click the proceed button. This will take you to a registration page that will ask for the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Current Address
  • Birthdate
  • School or company name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • The reason why you want to participate in Tecnoesis 2022

Fill up all the needed data and confirm if everything is correct before you press the submit button. When you do so, you will receive a confirmation email that says everything about your registration. In that same email, you will find the bank details of Tecnoesis 2022. This is what you will need to transfer the payment for participation. Once you have already paid, make sure to submit the proof of payment at the email address provided.

  1. Register at the Tecnoesis 2022 booth near you

If you do not have internet access at the moment, you can register at any Tecnoesis 2022 booth! There are over one hundred booths located all over India, and you just need to visit the nearest one. Before you go to a Tecnoesis 2022 booth, make sure you prepare the following requirements:

  • 1 valid identification card
  • A photo of yourself to be attached to your event ID
  • Payment for participation

Present this to the person handling the booth, and they will give you a registration form. Fill this up and make sure everything is correct before you give it back. Once they check your form, they will also ask for your payment for participation. 

For those who are aged eighteen and below, you are required to register with a guardian. Make sure that this guardian will also be the one who will accompany you to Tecnoesis 2022. If you have any questions or other concerns, you may direct them all to the official social media channels of Tecnoesis 2022.