The flagship event of any Robotics competition, Robowars, sees the age old entertainment of two robots battling it out in the center to be the last one standing. This presents a chance for the challenger to show their robotic acumen, intellect, and fighter spirit. Teams are encouraged to equip their bots with high torqued industrial motors, protective armour sheets, and well designed weapons to take down the enemy bot.

Problem Statement

Design and construct a robot capable of fighting another in a one on one tournament. This event aims to test your Robot against another in a field of combat where brute strength and cat-like reflexes hold the key to success.



Do you get notifications for both football matches and technical advancements? Do you idolize both Sir Alex Ferguson and Elon Musk? Do you jump the same height when Messi/Ronaldo scores and when your robot follows command? And do you despise this planet because no one has been able to come up with a perfect blend of both football and tech?
Well fear not! The time has come to combine Passion and Profession. So suit up, pull up your socks, (eat that throat medicine) and get ready to shout at the top of your voice!
Find out if you have what it takes, to Roboscore!

General Instructions:

  • 1.Teams must build two robots, designed and engineered in the sense that one of them will kick the ball while the other will defend your goalpost.
  • 2. Team should consist of a maximum of 5 members.
         “Let the battle begin”
        “Que la bataille commence”



Innovation is an adventurous process, and so Tecnoesis’18 presents Terrain Trader, an event where your creative intelligence is put to the test.This encourages students to design such a robot that uses innovative solutions to the challenges faced on the arena. Driving over rough terrain will be difficult and the solution to the problems will be highly interdisciplinary.

Problem statement:

To construct a manual bot capable of grabbing, lifting and pushing blocks as well as crossing different kinds of adverse terrains



From the WALL-Es to the Terminators to Sophia, robots have instilled fascination in us all at one point of our life or the other. Sumo Wars gives you the opportunity to live out your fascination and devise your own fully functional autonomous bots.
Sumo fight is an ancient form of art practiced in eastern countries for centuries as a sport. It involves a combat between the contestants in which they try to overthrow the opponent out of arena. SUMO WARS is inspired by the same,with the exception that bots try to overrun the other bots using their swiftness and robustness. You will be needed to build your own autonomous bots and cement your name as the king of the ring.

Problem statement:

In this autonomous robotic event, the competing team has to make a bot capable of searching and pushing opponent bot out of the arena, all the whilekeeping itself inside the arena.



Has the game Lego been a deeply etched childhood memory of yours?

If the answer to the former questions are yes, then fellas! You’ve stepped your bot in the right arena. This tecnoesis we bring to you, an event which gives you an arena to both, construct and destruct at the same time. We give your motor skills a real challenge as the bots are fully mechanized and the control tactics are in your hands.

It’s not only the race with time, but also a race with your opponent to see who has smartness with strength. Burn the arena with action to see who builds the best bot to build the best tower with the timer saying tick tock tick tock……

“Build your bot, it will build for you”.

Problem statement:

Your team has to build two bots (assistive and builder namely) where one constructs and the other helps you collect blocks, defend your tower, and attack the opponent’s tower to bring ’em down.
Now as your bot is restricted to enter the opponent’s boundary, you will have to add a weapon on top of your assistive bot to bring the tower down. Also, the mighty sphere is a cherry over the cake with a nostalgic tinge to Harry potter’s famous game Quidditch. To know more about the game, click on the Description given below.



Why not to make your life easier when you have the power of Robotics in hand? Are mainstream event bots so much cliche for you guys and are you up for exploring the possibilities of reinvention? If yes then Roboarts is here for you – The Art Of Making Robots.

Problem statement:

The participants will be given 8 hours (4+4) to construct a bot. The bot application is unbounded, so participants are free to use their imagination and may build any kind of bot. The bot will be judged on the basis of its application, not complexity since it is a time bound event.